Graphics Design Course

Go Creative with a Graphic Design Program

Graphic Designing : 4 weeks (5 days/ week)

Photoshop, Illustrator : 2:2 weeks

Graphics Designing 

StepUpDigi offers online graphic design courses to the ones who are creative at heart and are inclined to enter the graphics design field. A graphic design career will take you higher in life owing to its unending demand in several areas. We, at StepUpDigi, offers you a flexible and convenient graphic design course that will benefit you in your career growth.

We have instructors that are called specialists in the Graphics field and they provide enhanced learning to the students through live lectures and video classes so that they may understand the core-concepts related to this course effectively.

Course Content

Graphics Course Content

With the increasing demand for graphic designers, most of the students hanker after taking up such courses. If you are the one who is looking for a foray in the graphic design, we bring you a short-term online graphic design course that will help offer comprehensive knowledge that will be helpful for your career. Our online graphic design course is an instructor-led program which lasts for 4 weeks. In this 4-week duration, students will get to learn the concepts of photoshop and illustrator such as basic tools, matte painting, digital painting, image manipulation, vector color correction, vector 3D art, etc. Our online graphics design course lets you access qualitative learning from anywhere which is the reason that these courses are highly popular. 

Instructor-Led Training

Our online graphic design course comes with instructor-led training which means that there is always an instructor interacting with you while you learn your course. Our expert instructors can guide you with any problem related to your graphic design course. You can put queries before them & they are happy to find suitable answers to them.

Instructor-Led Training

Convenience & Flexibility

Learning graphic design course has never been easier! Our online graphic design course lets you set your schedule and help you learn this course at any geographical location. The recorded lectures and video lessons help you access your course anytime with all the detailed complex course concepts.

Live Interaction

What if instructors stand by you during all your learning? Well, an online graphics design course from StepUpDigi offers you a simple yet effective option to interact with the experts while doing your course. The students can interact with the instructors in real-time and get their confusion & problems solved by them.

Live Interaction

Lower Course Fee

Can a graphics design online course can be done at the lowest fees? Yes, at StepUpDigi you can do so. We offer you quality graphics design courses that not only offer you in-depth knowledge of the course concepts but are also available at low fee-structure for everyone.