Filmmaking Course

Tell A Powerful Story Through Filmmaking

Video Editing and Motion Graphics: 4 Weeks (5 days/ week)

Photoshop, After Effects, Premiere

Filmmaking Course 

Are you determined to pursue an online filmmaking course from a renowned institute and but can’t find the right institute for that? Well, no worries as we are here to empower you with every small nuance related to filmmaking. We realize your dream of becoming a director and help you spread the colors of your dream on the screen. Our online filmmaking course emphasizes on mastering you in the area of filmmaking so that you can emphatically tell your story through the medium of films.

We know that every person has a different way to tell a story, so we endeavor to arm you with the best storytelling strategies and help you learn the best filmmaking practices. By enrolling in our course, you would be able to make short films, documentary films, etc. that are capable of being appreciated by all. 

Course Content

Filmmaking Course content

Students who have opted for the filmmaking course would be offered valuable knowledge of various software such as Photoshop, After Effects and Adobe Premiere. The duration of the course is 4 weeks and classes are held online 5 days a week where concepts related to video editing & motion graphics will be provided by the experts of these fields. The best part is that it is an instructor-led course so you won’t have to regret choosing an online course over a traditional classroom course. The course is best suited for the ones who are looking for making a foray into the world of filmmaking or for the ones who want to hone their skills. The course is designed keeping in mind the requirements of the students. 

Instructor-Led Training

We have the best instructors with us that are armed with immense experience in the field of filmmaking. They are in full-know about every simple or complex concept related to the art of filmmaking. Our trainers endeavor to transform your innate passion into realizing your dream of getting foray in the world of filmmaking.

Instructor-Led Training

Convenience & Flexibility

Our filmmaking course lets you learn filmmaking at your ease. The course focuses on offering valuable knowledge of filmmaking through several formats such as interactive videos & recorded lectures that can be accessed by the students anytime and anywhere. 

Live Interaction

You can communicate with the instructors in real-time and get your problems resolved by them. With the live-interaction feature of our course, students can benefit from the expert guidance of their online mentors. The course concept is crafted in a way that it becomes comprehensible to different geographical regions.

Live Interaction

Lower Course Fee

One of the key features of our filmmaking course is that it is easy on everyone’s pocket. With the help of internet-enabled technology, the course concepts are taught effectively. The affordability of the course lets all the passionate ones to learn filmmaking at a low cost.